My name is Ido, I’m 33 and live in Tel-Aviv Israel. I have a B.Sc. in Computer Sciences & Philosophy from Tel-Aviv University.

I develop premium WordPress websites & intuitive web user interfaces. I hire web designers and other professionals as needed.

When I’m not making websites I treat my music addiction, travel the world, chill with my cat Kimi, eat delicious vegan food, or have the occasional stout with a friend.

How it started

In 1995 I went online for the very first time. My high school’s library had an Internet connection before everyone else did and I was completely excited.

I wanted my own homepage. A place to shout to the world who I am with some fashionable animated GIFs and my favorite links. Thus I taught myself HTML. I had no idea where it would take me.

Since then I’ve been making websites. Whether it’s the Unofficial Full Metal Jacket Homepage, Intranet websites, or websites for friends, I was making them even when it wasn’t my job. I liked it and as far as  I was concerned these websites had to be done. It’s also good cash.

What clients say

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Shaham. His understanding of both ARAMA and its’ potential customers made it clear & simple to come up with a sufficient working plan and achieve great results. Since the launch of our new website, we have received positive feedback from personal clients, buyers & fashion stylists. I highly recommend working with Ido. He is a guy who knows what he is doing!” -Oded Arama, ARAMA

“Ido is a talented web developer, creative thinker and pleasant to work with. Ido deliverables were always on schedule and at superb quality. Highly recommended!” -Nir Dremer, MediaBox

“Ido was one of the most dedicated professionals through his work at Feedzilla. Ido did not fail a single time. Result driven developer. Energetic and ambitious colleague with deep and practical skills. Is able to manage tasks of entire team.” -Lior Tasman, Septrix

Now what?

Checkout my portfolio and contact me if you want to.