Blogging Lessons Learned Presentation + Dark Side of The Business Force

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Last Tuesday I had presented again at the WP TLV Meetup talking about lessons learned from 5 years of blogging. Presenting was fun, I got plenty of good feedback, and some new business connections. Yay!

There were two other excellent presentations by Morad Stern, an independent blogger, and Yoav Farhi from Automattic, one of the coolest companies in the world. They sound like really good guys and they had smart things to say.

One presentation, however, given by Raviv Ohev Zion was quite dubious. He was supposed to talk about 10 plugins that will boost your WP site. The result however was mostly a talk about his shady business model.

Raviv creates big portals where he uses other people’s content to make money. How does he get it? Easy – he uses a plugin that steals new posts from popular blogs via RSS feeds and translates them to Hebrew. No credit is given to the authors. Thus, his portals drive traffic by plagiarizing content that’s already proven as popular, and he monetizes the traffic. According to Raviv, he replicated this formula over and over again and makes a bucket load of cash.

Since I write and value original content, I find Raviv’s methods appalling. In fact, they’re illegal. I doubt anyone will even try catching such a small and slippery fish. He’s just a tiny nut in a much larger content duplication network on the web.

The more I do business the more I find out there is a light and dark side of The Freelance Force. There are those, like me, who make an honest day’s living. Others, like Raviv, look for shortcuts, “kombinot” as we say in Hebrew, to take the money and run. Unfortunately, most people are suckers for big empty promises for easy cash making Raviv’s presentation a smash hit.

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