My Favorite Web Dev Things

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This is a new blog post chain – My Favorite Web Dev Things. It’s purpose – sharing great tools and services with other web developers.

These are the rules

  1. Copy-paste the rules.
  2. List your favorite tools, libraries, and services for web development.
  3. List obvious ones as well, they may not be obvious to others.
  4. Tag other web dev bloggers and let them know.
  5. Link back to the post that tagged you.

These are a few of my favorite web dev things:

  • Aptana - It’s free, speaks any language, and version 3 is great. I love how I can edit remote files via FTP, synch them locally, and commit it all to a local GIT repository.
  • HTML5 Reset WordPress Theme – Excellent blank slate theme with all the best practices and HTML5 Boiler Plate built-in. I’ve also seen the Roots Theme and it looks quite cool though I haven’t used it yet.
  • W3C Total Cache – Amazing WordPress plugin that speeds up WP sites like mad. Can’t live without it, can’t believe it’s free.
  • CSS Sprites Generator – Easy to use sprites generator. Lacks some features, but definitely helps and saves loads of time.
  • Run PHP Code Online – When you’re too lazy to create some test file.
  • Firebug for Firefox – ‘Nough said. Some people moved to Chrome for web dev, but it still doesn’t beat the comfort of Firebug.
  • jScrollPane – The best jQuery scrolling plugin ever. It’s so good that I wrote a separate post for it.
  • Online YUI Compressor – minify your JS scripts without having to run that annoying command line tool.
  • Balsamiq – Super intuitive tool for wireframing. Napkee even turns the wireframes into actual working web pages.
  • – Great for doing super-basic graphic work and for measuring pixel sizes and capturing colors.
  • VMWare Player – Runs virtual machines for free. You can create virtual disks with QEMU, here are example instructions for Win XP.
  • TeamViewer – Connects me to my customers’ desktops to debug voodoo browser problems remotely.
  • Google Apps – Obvious, but too few use it. Gives me Gmail, docs, calendar, and everything for my domain.

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  2. Iddo Lev says:

    like :-)

    Just one thing is missing: The date of the post. It’s important so that the reader could know how relevant and up to date the information is.

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