Why I Don’t Host Websites in Israel

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I thought I was the only one who wants decent prices, good packages, and fast and polite service. Apparently not. The more I talk to web developers, the clearer the picture – Israeli web hosting sucks.

Googling ‘website hosting’ in Hebrew returns over 1.6 million results, but there aren’t a lot of Israeli web hosting companies.  Most are just resellers selling packages for a few large brands while charging extra. However, as soon as something goes wrong, the reseller won’t take any responsibility and send you to the real provider for support. So what are we paying the resellers for? Reselling.

Let’s say we don’t fall for these Jedi mind tricks and get the real deal. Sadly, even the true providers offer lousy packages for big prices. While foreign companies provide gigabytes of space for a few bucks a month, Israeli hosting providers still think in megabytes and charge double. What are we supposed to do with 50MB? Upload static HTML files with “under construction” GIFs? Why is it so expensive here and so cheap abroad? No idea, especially considering the next issue.

Local providers have horrible service. The service mentality for major companies in Israel is lacking compared to their American counterparts, and web hosting providers are included. From my experience, American hosting providers, even with Indian service centers, answer quickly, politely, and professionally, and solve every problem. In Israel, however, I receive slow, unhelpful, and unprofessional service.

If you’re still not convinced, the biggest problem is that Israeli hosting packages don’t fit today’s needs. I’m talking about shared hosting with Linux that could host WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla with a click of a cPanel. For some reason Israeli providers insist on expensive Windows servers. Wake up and smell the open source.

If it’s that bad, why host websites in Israel at all? Good question. Some people already have a prepaid package they won’t give up. Others want to decrease server latency, that is, the time it takes for data to get from the server to the browser. It’s a difference of about 200 milliseconds which is irrelevant for most content websites.

SEO is the only rational reason to host websites in Israel. According to experts, the physical location of servers affects Google’s ranking algorithms. Weird, I thought the Internet is supposed to make the world flat. But that’s the situation, so websites targeted for the Israeli market should be hosted in the Holy Land for the sake of holy ranking.

What can we do? Put your money where your mouth is and stop hosting websites in Israel. Try hosting them abroad and witness the difference in prices, packages, and service. You won’t want to come back. Furthermore, don’t go with the big names or their re-sellers, they abuse their size to screw customers with high prices and lousy service. Of course, if you found a small company that has great packages and fantastic service, please share.

Hopefully some kind of Golan Telecom will enter the Israeli hosting provider arena, a company that would break the market with shared Linux packages with plenty of storage, comfortable prices, and outstanding service, or at least, some kind of Zap comparison engine to help customers make a wiser choice. I’ve addressed The Israeli Internet Associations about this issue, but haven’t received any reply yet. Until then, I’m leaving Israel, at least virtually.

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